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MEDEA of Mikis Theodorakis - Meiningen 1995

    Own German Edition -Translation - First Act (80KB)
    Own German Edition -Translation - Second Act (65KB)
    My friend Nicostratos and Medea
    Where was Kolchis?

GIPSY BARON of Johann Strauss - Koblenz 2002

        Own dialog arrangements in German
        From the program booklet in German

"THE BAT" of Johann Strauss in Thessaloniki 2007

Premiere A: Saturday 10.2.2007         Premiere B: Sunday 10.2.2007

                Own dialog setting & refinement in Greek

                        * First Act: Fledermaus-1.pdf

                        * Second Act: Fledermaus-2a.pdf

                        * Second Act: Fledermaus-2b.pdf

                        * Third Act: Fledermaus-3.pdf